National Adoption Week: 30 Suffolk children need you

Suffolk Adoption Agency is appealing for more local people to come forward and consider adopting a Suffolk child.

In Suffolk there are currently 30 children waiting to be adopted. Suffolk Adoption Agency is particularly looking for families for older children aged 3 years and over, and sibling groups, and welcome applications from all sectors of the community.

In our county the number of looked after children requiring adoption has risen significantly over the last 18 months and children are now waiting longer to be adopted, or having to move away from the County all together.

In an effort to raise local awareness Suffolk Adoption Agency will be supporting this year’s National Adoption Week Campaign which is taking place between 31st October – 6th November 2011.

National Adoption Week is organised by the British Association for Adoption & Fostering (BAAF) and aims to raise awareness of adoption and encourage potential parents to come forward. There are an estimated 4,000 children across the UK needing adoption every year, many of whom will have suffered trauma in their short lives.

Councillor Graham Newman, Suffolk County Council’s Portfolio Holder for Children, Schools and Young Peoples services said: “Considering the number of children in our county needing loving and supportive families, I would urge anyone who has ever considered adoption to get in touch and find out more.

“During National Adoption Week we really want to dispel the myths around who can adopt and encourage people to come forward to find out more about adoption in Suffolk. Initially, we are simply asking people to come forward and find out more about adoption. If you think you might have what it takes, pick up the phone today.”

Sally Stoker from Suffolk Adoption Agency said: “There are no blanket bans in adoption, so please don’t think we will turn you down because you’re over 40, single, or don’t own your own home. What we really need are people who can offer a child or sibling group a loving, supportive family for life. People who can help a child recover from the reasons why they came in to care and can help them go on to thrive in a new family.”

Case Study 1: (names have been changed to protect identity)

Callum is now three years old. He was born very prematurely, at 27 weeks, and as a result had a number of medical problems, most of which are now resolved. Callum came into care after having suffered severe neglect from his parents who are both alcohol dependent.

He is an active child who enjoys football and playing with toy cars and dolls, he loves the attention of adults and he needs a family who can be both very nurturing and able to provide clear and consistent boundaries.

Case study 2: (names have been changed to protect identity)

Colin, 5yrs, and Joshua, 3yrs and Terry, 3 yrs. (Twins)

These three brothers desperately need a family that has enough room in their hearts for them all.

Colin is the eldest of the three boys and is described as an inquisitive and engaging little boy. He is adventurous and loves being active and playing outdoors. Equally he loves cuddling up and having stories read to him. He dislikes raised voices and becomes quiet and watchful during these times.

Joshua is an active child with an interest in new people, places and things. He enjoys being outdoors and likes whizzing around on his scooter and playing ball games. He is creative and loves painting, drawing and craft activities. Joshua has some speech and language delay which is improving all the time.

Terry can be a little shy but has a lovely beaming smile and can soon be brought out of himself with encouragement. He likes baking with his foster carers. He plays hide and seek with his brothers and puddle jumps in the rain. He likes going to the woods with his brothers and foster carers to build dens.

All 3 brothers have experienced significant lack of care and emotional harm during their early life. The boys need a nurturing home. They all have a loving nature and are rewarding to care for.

To find out more:

Suffolk Adoption Agency will be hosting a number of lunch time and after work information events for anyone who would like to find out more about adopting a Suffolk child. To find out more about an event in your area visit their website:

To request an information pack call 0800 389 9417 or log on to

You can also now follow Suffolk Adoption Agency on Facebook.

For more general information about National Adoption Week visit


By Jo Howard on November 4th, 2011

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